I write various forms of content for different clients, adopting their tone and brand voice as needed. These content forms include social media copy, different length blogs for SEO, narrative-based articles, website copy, and newsletter content.

I have also published a fiction novel, Voice of the Youth, which is available worldwide in paperback and ebook versions.

I have launched Chosen Narrative, a platform that aims to share stories behind statistics with a focus on incarceration, justice, education, and reform.

In addition to writing the content, I typically create a content calendar whereby the blog content is cross-pollinated to various social media platforms and boosted accordingly. These platforms include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

My experience writing blogs extends further than general content. I have experience working with segmented audiences, taking advantage of content from influencers and conducting interviews with industry leaders to produce authoritative content.

Examples of personal projects and work

Together with my partner, I run a travel blog that focuses on surfing and working remotely. For examples of my work in the travel, surfing and remote work niche, you can browse our website here.

I am also currently working on a novel that pivots around a young child in South America that is trapped between the hand that he’s been dealt and the opportunity to escape a life of crime. But more on that later…

Examples of travel blogs

As someone who manages her own travel-centric blog (albeit in the niche of surfing and remote work), I’ve also worked on blogs for other brands.

Examples of corporate client audience segmentation

My B2B experience is extensive and includes working for brands that are listed on financial stock exchanges, striving for funding, and focused on social impact.

Examples of specialised content

I’ve worked with clients that operate within a very niche industry, and their content needs to be authoritative. These topics include law, dentistry, electrical work, and

Examples of product information

I’ve worked on several brands that from the moment of inception and contributed to their successes over the years. Writing for these startups has pushed me to write in various formats, including buyer’s guides, web copy, product information, and social media.

Examples of influencer content

While working in corporate, for a PR agency, I was given the opportunity to work alongside influencers and communicate their stories through various campaigns.